🎤 “Hello, is this thing still on?” After a five (!) year hiatus I’ve returned to blogging about my non-day-job technical interestes. I’ll start with the stories of some of my past projects, and pretty soon what I’m currently invested on. Stay tuned 🔥 🔥.

Choice is the enemy Link to heading

For starters, I wanted to self manage my own site and I wanted something new. In 2014 Medium seemed like the go-to choice, but while publishing was a breeze, embedding other content was a PITA ๐Ÿ™ƒ, and given their current paywall approach, I just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

Second, I didn’t want to deal with hosting, admin passwords, databases, dynamic themes, etc. This narrowed down my choices to a plain-old static site, static site generators to be specific. So…JAMSTACK! 👊

But which one? Jekyll? Hugo? Gatsby?. Oh no! analysis paralysis…not today, Satan ๐Ÿ˜ˆ!

Given my interest in Go (more on this later), Hugo piqued my interested the most.

$ brew install hugo

Third, where do I store my code? GitLab it is, I already have public repos in GitHub and my private personal projects are in BitBucket. Fourth? Where do I host it? Netlify seems easy enough.

All systems go!

GoLang GitLab Netlify

Theme Customizations Link to heading

Next, I wanted a simple and clean theme, I played with these:

Ended up choosing Hugo Coder with some shortcodes from Cupper, copied into /layouts/shortcodes. And using hugo’s built-in emojify support with labels from Emoji CheatSheet.

I wanted to showcase code samples, updated my site’s config.toml to contain:

    codeFences = true
    guessSyntax = false
    hl_Lines = ""
    lineNoStart = 1
    lineNos = false
    lineNumbersInTable = true
    noClasses = true
    style = "solarized-dark"
    tabWidth = 4

As for typography, I chose the following:

Adventures in WI-FI, my blog Link to heading

Ah, my humble homage to R.E.MNew Adventures in HI-FI ❤️

I re-created the look of their album cover using my own picture of the Nicoya Gulf, Costa Rica, and Orator Std web-font and the following Sass CSS (Organized following BEM) conventions.

        &__wifi-album-pic {...}

        &__wifi-title-epc {...}

        &__wifi-title {...}

When viewed in mobile, the blog title becomes a footnote to the image and the ‘E.P.C’ dissapears, thanks to CSS media queries.

End Result Link to heading

Welcome to my “New” Adventures in WI-FI. Let’s buckle up for the ride !